How Much Far Is There?

Film-16 mm, color/black and white, 45 minutes. Installation: Chair, wooden Egyptian boat, wooden tiers of painted waves, mechanical equipment to move chair across stage

The making of How Much Far is There was inspired by a trip to the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. Once inside the tombs I became entranced with the journey through the underworld of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. This journey, which took place during the twelve hours between the setting of the sun and the beginning of dawn, was comprised of a sequence of mysterious rituals, including having ones heart weighed on a scale with a feather. For each Pharaoh, the process and the outcome was unique and uncertain. But upon successful completion of these rites and transformations, each initiate would cross through the divine ocean and be born again the next day with the rising of the morning sun.

How Much Far Is There explores a similar journey taken by someone living in our time.

“How Much Far Is There…filled with Dadaesque objects…is at heart a romantic ode to the hidden, instinctual voyages by which we navigate through life.”

The New York Times, Jennifer Dunning


Film screened at Galerie Articule, Montreal,
P.S. 122, New York NY,
The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

New York Times
Vanguard Magazine – Vancouver

Film Installation purchased by Canada Council

Second Annual Festival of Experimental Film, Chicago Art Institute – First Prize