Biographical Information

As a Canadian/American multimedia artist I’ve performed, created films and installations, and exhibited photos in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Besides numerus Honorary Mention awards for my photographs, I received an award at The New York Film Festival for my film, How Will I Know I’m Here. My book, 

1 Walked out of 2 and Forgot It, was reviewed by The New York Times, and recently included in an exhibition of works by artists from the Something Else Press at The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Madid, Spain. John Cage wrote a Sample/forward to another book, Singing the Stars.

I’m currently working in the media of photography, building, props, collecting materials, taking photos, and then creating photomontages that suggest a story. My work expresses people in various stages of transformation. My most uprooting experiences, dreams, and aha moments inspire my work. I want my photographs to say that we live in a web connected to everything in the world around us – other people, stars, a rock, even spoons.

In a review for the New York Times, Jennifer Dunning Writes, “Toby MacLennan is a visionary whose feet are firmly planted in the ground… ­­(Her work) is at heart a romantic ode to the hidden, instinctual voyages by which we navigate through life.”