Artist Statement

I remember the child who loved the slippery feeling of spreading red finger paints over her whole body or being so happy to find an old lace curtain to use for wings when I became a bird or forgetting to come home for dinner because I was too busy eating the sun. 

In and out of art schools and venues, I created paintings, installations, films, and performances where people were half stars or half trees or filled with deer. I never knew why I was creating these hybrid images. Years later, I needed to prepare a talk about my work to a gallery and just as I sat down at my desk, I scribbled out …my art is saving my childhood from being lost. I sat there starring at what I had just written. Slowly it began to make sense. All these years creating people becoming stars and trees and deer, my artwork was trying to tell me something. It was trying to tell me that it is not true that I am on one side of my skin and everything else is in the world is on the other. It was trying to tell me that I can be anything I want to be not just in my artwork but in my life where I brush my teeth and shop for groceries. It was trying to tell me I can still find old lace curtains for wings to fly with because there are no boundaries between me and everything else in the world.

To this day, in and out of my studio, I’m trying to learn again, how to eat the sun.

Eating the Sun (16" x 21")