1 Walked out of 2 and Forgot It

Published by Something Else Press

The New York Times, Books of the Times, by Thomas Lask

“…The structure of the work resembles the dances of Merce Cunningham…. Toby MacLennan has a fey imagination and an incisive way of overturning accepted relationships, or to put it better, of changing the way these relationships are stated.”

The New York Times
Canadian Fiction Magazine
Vanguard Magazine, Vancouver
Open Letter, Toronto Review, Toronto

Yale University Library
Getty Research Institute Library
Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Arts Center
University of California, San Diego Library
Mandeville Special Collections, Archive for New Poetry, San Diego
Northwestern University, McCormick Library, Illinois
University of Maryland, Albin O Kuhn Library and Gallery
Art Metropole, Toronto
Trinity University, Coates Library, San Antonio

“The Press was an outgrowth of the publishing and disseminating activity of the Fluxus group in New York…Now the publications of the Something Else Press are sought and prized by artist, collector and historian alike.”
Peter Frank
Something Else Press

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