Biting Into a Piece of the Day

Biting into a Piece of the Day is a 16mm film and video in color and black and white with a running time of 15 minutes.

Biting into a Piece of the Day is a metaphor for our hunger to connect with the world and our desire to lose ourselves in the things we love.

A man and woman narrator claim that people everywhere are in department stores buying and hoarding volumes of objects to hang on their walls and drape on their bodies, trying to get the things they love inside of them.

The couple admits that they too have loved the sound of an ocean wave or the glimmer of a particular toaster so intensely that they wanted to wrap their arms around it and massage it into their face and chest and legs.

Hoping to entice the things they love to take root firmly inside of them, the couple plunge into rituals. A man ties himself to all the furniture in his living room, a woman lies on the floor her open mouth filled with milk, the couple wear ancient Egyptian boats as shoes and try to leap off the earth, a man decides to eat the room he is standing in.

“I am not going to be afraid,” he says